Networking Services

Active & Passive – Structured Services

Active & Passive Structured services are two approaches in managing Cabling Infrastructure. Active structured services use Active components to control data flow, while Passive structured services rely on Physical connectivity without Active control. Both approaches are important for creating a reliable Network Infrastructure, with the choice depending on specific needs and budget. Switching – Managed & Unmanaged are the Two Major Types that decide the design and work flow

Active & Passive - Structured Services
Switching – Managed & Unmanaged Services in chennai

Switching – Managed & Unmanaged

Managed and unmanaged switches are two types of network switches. Managed switches offer advanced features and configuration options for network control and optimization. Unmanaged switches are simpler, plug-and-play devices with no configuration or management options. The choice depends on the network’s needs and the desired level of control and customization.

Routing – Layering

Routing involves directing network traffic between different networks. Layering refers to the hierarchical organization of routing protocols used in networking. Different layers handle specific tasks, such as the network layer (Layer 3) responsible for routing. By utilizing layered routing protocols, networks can optimize routing efficiency and ensure reliable data transmission.

Routing – Layering
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Cabling Topologies

Cabling topologies refer to the physical layout of cables in a network. Common topologies include bus, star, ring, and mesh. Each topology has its advantages and considerations in terms of cost, performance, and fault tolerance. The choice of topology depends on network requirements and budget.

Networking Topologies

Networking topologies refer to the way devices are connected in a computer network. Common topologies include bus, star, ring, and mesh. The choice of topology depends on factors like network size, scalability, fault tolerance, and budget. Each topology has its own advantages and considerations in terms of performance and management.

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