About Us

Seamless System Integration Solutions for Enhanced Business Performance​

  • eOrbitor Technology Private Limited (EOTPL) offers comprehensive system integration services tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our expertise lies in designing scalable system architectures, integrating applications for seamless data flow, and managing data integration and management. We specialize in cloud integration, API integration, and ESB implementation to facilitate smooth communication between enterprise applications.
  • Additionally, we excel in the mobile and IoT integration, empowering businesses to leverage mobility, and connected devices. With a customer-centric approach, we deliver customized solutions that optimize operational efficiency, improve productivity, and drive growth. Choose EOTPL for reliable, secure, and scalable integration solutions that unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure
Cloud Service

Management Team

  • Lead by A dynamic and accomplished leader in the IT industry, demonstrating exceptional expertise and leadership skills with more than 25 years of Niche expertise in Technology domain with GLOBAL conglomerates & multinational companies. Travels to more than 10 countries, representing the featured technology. During seminars in CXO gatherings.

  • Partnership with 5 professional technocrats Each carrying 30 years of niche expertise with organizing experience for > 150-man-years of domain expertise in project management.

  • Integrated with an experienced team of knowledge experts in relevant divisions of Technology and Support Service.


  • Highly Organized Structural Build of Association – ISO 27001 Certified
  • Operational Divisions Lead by Subject Matter Experts – Centre of Excellence
  • Technology Oriented Knowledge Transfer Model of Structural & Well Organized hierarchy of Interlinked Knowledge Group
  • Horizontal Structure of Team Hierarchy to ensure Strong Collaborated Development – Micro Focused Employee Growth and Development